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Hey all, I know that a lot of us know each other from the old boards, but here's a place for newbies and oldies alike to introduce themselves.

I'll start.  Hi, I'm Liz.  I'm currently living and working in Madison, WI, USA.  I'm also into photography, and may soon start up a new thread on the subject, if anyone else is interested!

Well hello!!!!!
Hi, My name is corey and i'm here for my music addiction... j/k
well maybe thats not why i'm here but it is interesting conversation... and now that i sit infront of a computer for 6 hour shifts 4 days a week i'll probably do alittle more reading of this place!!!


I'm Heather....I live in Oregon and teach elementary special education.  I love my job, but I can't tell you how excited I am that I only have one more day until spring break.:biggrin:

Yodles! I'm MarySue, Sue of the Mary, or my favorite, "that coffee-obssessed girl" (and yes I have been referred to as that, lol). I'm a 17y.o. senior in high school in Jackson, Mississippi and I'm hoping to attend Colorado Christian University in the fall to study youth ministry. I've been a diehard fan of downhere since summer of '03 and I'll take the liberty to say they have one of the coolest messageboard communities around. You people are great, I love you guys!


Well, my name is Dale.  I'm a 37 year old father of four kids, resident of New York state, bass player and veteran of three Christian rock bands (soon to be a fourth), history buff and former American Civil War reenactor (which is where I get my screen name from), music fanatic, racing fanatic, basketball playing, member of my church's leadership team and praise team who has a passion for youth ministry.  (I could add a bunch more to that intro but that'll do for now.)  I joined the original board in its last year (2005) as a longtime fan of Downhere and have enjoyed the community and getting to know everyone.  Thanks for being such a special bunch of people that I am honored to call friends. :biggrin:


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